TV tonight: Sarah Lancashire leads a hard-hitting disaster drama

The Accident

9pm, Channel 4

Jack Thorne, writer of Kiri, is reunited with Sarah Lancashire for this new four-part drama based in the fictional, dejected Welsh town of Glyngolau. We open with the titular accident – an explosion on the building site of a regeneration project that kills several teenagers – and its spiralling aftermath, including Lancashire’s Polly, a mother who directs her grief into rage at the project’s manager. Shot in a gloomy, bleached-out style, this is a hard-hitting, intimate story of a small town’s reckoning with massive disaster. Ammar Kalia

Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall

9pm, ITV

Protocol demands that we describe this two-parter as a “landmark” documentary: the Duke of Cornwall has allowed rare access to his business dealings, highlighting how they benefit charities and entrepreneurs. Tonight, a farming startup scheme and a Charles-inspired community project. Jack Seale

Catherine the Great

9pm, Sky Atlantic

The concluding episode of the melodramatic miniseries that – despite its opulence, a compelling history to draw on and Helen Mirren – has often lacked momentum. Potemkin is off to battle once more, while Catherine finds a way to ensure her legacy continues despite her rocky relationship with Prince Paul. Hannah J Davies

Bill Turnbull: Staying Alive

10pm, Channel 4

Shortly after filming The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer in 2017, the journalist and presenter Bill Turnbull was himself diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. This doc follows him as he undertakes chemo and throws himself back into his Classic FM gig, with the support of his family. Ali Catterall

Storyville: On the President’s Orders

10pm, BBC Four

In the three years since Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, announced his “war on drugs” in 2016, more than 5,000 suspected dealers have been killed, almost all from poor communities. This harrowing film follows new police chief Jemar Modequillo as he seeks to reduce the killings. AK


10pm, BBC Scotland

Two estranged brothers take on the guilt in question following a drink driving hit-and-run that leaves an old man dead in this new drama from writer Neil Forsyth. The ensuing coverup pushes the brothers deeper and deeper into compromising territory. A heart-thumping watch. (This will be shown on BBC Two in the rest of the UK on 30 October.) AK

Film choice

Paper Towns 1.45am, Film4 Jake Schreier’s engaging teen movie, adapted from John Green’s YA novel, stars Cara Delevingne as the intrepid Margo, a fearless free spirit who abruptly goes missing. This prompts solemn Quentin, who has long nursed a crush on her, to follow the trail of literary clues she has left behind, in a sweet adventure. Paul Howlett

Live sport

Tennis: Elite Trophy Zhuhai 8am, BT Sport 1 Day three of the WTA event at Hengqin Tennis Centre, China.

Europa League Football: Partizan v Manchester United 5.30pm, BT Sport 2 A Group L clash from Serbia.

Europa League Football: Arsenal v Vitoria 8pm, BT Sport 2 A Group F match from the Emirates Stadium.


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